Wednesday, February 11, 2009

thinking at high frequencies

This is one of those weeks where everything seems to be moving a bit too fast...I feel as though I am in one of those films where the speed has been accelerated and life passes in one jerky millisecond after another. One moment I'm at school, then home, then it's dark, then everything begins again. Last night I had that dream where I am at work and it's just a normal day that passes in normal time (though the fact PK was in my classroom trying to get me to sneak out to a golf course, should have been a pretty obvious dream-message, even though I hate golfing), and woke up feeling as though I had just finished a busy day of teaching.

I stop every now and then and try to center myself, but my focus doesn't hold, and even my skin feels like it is vibrating with urgency. There has been no time for anything but work, and numerous deadlines that are approaching quickly. I know that things will calm down by the weekend, when I can take the time to relax and refocus, but in the meantime I am moving even when I am sitting still, and desperately trying to grasp onto a single moment of peace and clarity.

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