Friday, February 13, 2009

feet felts

Feet Felts , Dartmoor England by Yuli Somme
After being inspired by her own walking experiences and the folklore of felting, British fabric artist Yuli Somme wrapped the feet of forty volunteers in wool and sent them for a walk. When they returned from their journeys, the wool had felted, resulting in these foot-shaped forms. Yuri staked the feet felts to the ground in order to let this natural installation disintegrate back into the earth as a statement about sustainable action.
Sometimes I find these kinds of artistic performances a little confusing and not always something I am able to take seriously. But in this case, there is something spooky and strangely moving about this line of feet felts slowly sinking back into the earth, and I can appreciate both her actions and her message. I really like her other felts as well, which can be seen here in her gallery

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