Saturday, February 21, 2009

impressions, wind

The wind was blowing hard and jostling my camera when I tried to take a picture of this abandoned light-keeper's house. Somehow, the blurred lines of the bushes and the edges of the building give it a ghostly feel, one that is compounded by the empty black holes where the windows should be. This building does have some vague ghost stories attached to it- footsteps heard in the upper stairway, ghostly drafts of cold air whistling down the hall, but nothing particularly well-defined in local legend. It's easy to imagine it, even on a warm, sunny springish day.


Lydia said...

I love this shot. The Vanessa Redgrave movie "A Rumor of Angels" came to mind.
Enjoy your weekend. :)

Wandering Alice said...

I hadn't heard of that movie, but it looks really interesting. I'll have to check it out-thanks!