Friday, January 30, 2009

Unplugged Art Night Update

Well, a few weeks ago I announced my intention of devoting one night a week to turning off all electronics and focusing on doing art. So far, it's been a complete disaster. It's funny, I always put some stake in the idea that if you voiced your intentions out loud and to a lot of people, you would start to turn your idea into a reality. There is usually something about declaring intent that seems to give it momentum, and ultimately helps me stick to a goal better.

Not this time though. I've had good intentions to start working on some paintings, but each time Friday rolled around there were unexpected interruptions- almost in-laws dropping by unexpectedly, power failures, mandatory family gatherings--all things that I COULD have said, "Nope, get out, can't do it," but not without serious social repercussions. Sigh. I chose to go with the flow this time, rather than make unnecessary waves.

And so, Unplugged Art Night is still on the plans, but as yet remains an unrealized dream...

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