Thursday, January 15, 2009

Inspiration: Jeanie Tomanek

Night Journey by Jeanie Tomanek

The wind is howling outside the house right now, and a deep cold has settled in on our small town. Late last night I took the dog out, and stood there staring up into the dark, cold sky, until my eyes watered from the chill. I've been thinking a lot about cycles lately, and the ways in which we connect to the earth around us--mythic thoughts, about the patterns that we humans repeat regardless of circumstances. I originally stumbled across Jeanie Tomanek's work on a mythic arts website, and these paintings so wonderfully convey that sense of timelessness. I love her luminous figures that move in and out of darkness, and the mythic images that appear and re-appear in her works. I'm also intrigued by her process, in which she uses mixed media to create layers that she then scratches through for different effects. Her website has a great selection of pieces, and she definitely goes on the list of people I would buy art from if I had any money.

You can see more of her work here:

Evening by Jeanie Tomanek

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