Friday, March 6, 2009

snowdrop watch 2009

Despite the fact that spring has always happened in the past, I'm usually a bit of a skeptic until I see the first flower blooming, especially when we get slammed with so many late season storms like we have this year. Almost there!


Chasing the Moon said...

What a beautiful sight!

Lydia said...

Splendid, brave little crocus. Nature has such beautiful will. Thank you for a post that made me truly smile.

Apollinaire's Tattoo said...

we wait, and we wait
and when it does happen
we are so very happy.
no such beautiful luck here yet
but i am enjoying yours. thank you.

Wandering Alice said...

Another 50 degree day today should take care of even more of the snow...hopefully the crocus field will be the next to come up!

Tashai said...

This is such an awesome thing to see! I am so tired of winter!

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