Sunday, March 15, 2009

Inspiration: Nanda Currant

Bluebird, by Nanda Currant

On her website, Gila Valley artist Nanda Currant describes her relationship with drawing like this: "Art allows the chance to be with something very essential when I draw; I move into the act of drawing and quiet."

I can relate to this; I have long thought of drawing as something that brings me inside myself as much as it allows me to connect with the subject I am drawing. She is describing a flow experience, that experience of moving with the subject that you are drawing as if you are in a dance together, as though there is nothing else in the world. It's like falling in love, and those first moments when you see someone and suddenly no one else in the world exists.

Check out the rest of Nanda's work, and some links to her fascinating eco-theatre projects here.


Lydia said...

Simply moving and beautiful. I will definitely look at her site.

I love the way you describe your relationship with your art and I wish I could paint! It's a gift from the gods......or maybe a few wee leprechauns. :)

kenflett said...

Your description of drawing is just really lovely.

Wandering Alice said...

Thanks-drawing is such a great way to focus on things...I wish I had more time for it!