Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting the groove back...

Two years ago this month, PK and I spent a few days exploring the Everglades and Big Cypress Swamp. We had flown down for a wedding, but managed to squeeze all our camping gear into a single suitcase, and sneak a few days off in the wilderness, a place where we are both much more comfortable than when surrounded by fine china and formal wear. There was something mesmerizing about the swamps, and we spent hours following birds through the trees, and sitting on the side of pools, waiting for alligators to surface.

Sometimes they got a little too close- like the one that was, unbeknownst to me, sneaking up behind me while I was busy photographing egrets. Fortunately, Pirate Kings are known for their observation skills and quick wits, and PK let out a yell in time for me to beat a hasty retreat back into the car. We drove that rental down some long, bumpy roads, and left those few brief days feeling energized and more aware of everything around us.

The past few weeks I've been frustrated beyond belief by technological malfunctions that occurred at crucial moments in both my job search and classes. I'm escaping to the woods for a few days to re-charge the batteries. A few friends, a warm hut and the sight of spring creeping into the mountains is just what I need right now. It doesn't need to be someplace as exotic as a Cyprus swamp to re-ignite the creative spark inside of me, just someplace with fresh air, open skies and a few moments of silent contemplation. And perhaps a little possibility of something unexpected happening, right beside me.


christopher said...

Draining The Swamp

I keep forgetting
and this is no joke
when alligators lurking
are just inside me
waiting to burst out
through my freaking skin and turn
snapping at something
precious I might hate
to lose - hope to stay alert.

Lydia said...

A beautiful post. Do you even realize what a spectacular photo the one of the alligator is? OMG that should be turned into a framed piece.

I hope you found the refreshment you needed in the woods.