Friday, March 6, 2009

evening, snowmelt

Photo by SFD
Down the street a ways, there is a small parcel of conservation land that PK and I spend a lot of time exploring. It runs along the edge of a tidal river, and there are always geese and ducks seeking shelter from the wilder waters of the bay. We sometimes see rabbits and deer, hawks and owls. Occasionally, a beaver slaps its tail on the surface of the pond when we walk by. It's fairly quiet in the winter, and we don't get to visit as much because the parking is usually blocked in by snowbanks.
But that snow is melting now, and we can finally make our way back. The beavers have been hard at work felling trees for their homes, and birds have left only a few wizzled-up berries on the crabapple trees. Life has gone on as usual in the winter woods, and I can't wait to listen to the burbling runoff and catch up on the latest gossip...

Photo by SFD

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williamhessian said...

this photo makes me want chicken.

although i am vegetarian, and probably would prefer eating the tree.