Saturday, September 6, 2008

Things that go bump in the night (or, a shout-out to nonlinear thinking...)

Scene: The apartment, 2am. All are asleep, dreaming of distant shores and candy and stuff.

From the kitchen come loud scuffling sounds, kind of like someone wrestling with a milk jug

WA-what the hell was that?
PK- That was the *!@*#!! cat. If my eyes would open I'd kick her A#@#@#>
WA-falls asleep

3:00am The noises resume at increased intervals, this time accompanied by intermittent meowing noises

WA- But that doesn't sound like the cat
PK-(mumbles incoherently)
WA- (gets up, noises stop and discovers the cat sleeping in the living room.)

Cat- (Opens one eye)- Stop looking at me!

WA to PK- I can't find anything.
PK- Every time I go she hides. I'm not getting up again.
WA-I don't think its the cat-she's not clever enough to pull off a fake nap so fast.
PL-this sucks.

The noises continue for hours.

4:45 am

PK- I hate the cat
WA- That's it. I've had it.
(she gets up, gets dressed and turns on all the lights. PK follows. No source of the noises is discovered. As WA searches the area of the Tupperware, PK makes a discovery in the blinds at the top of the kitchen window.)


This is not our cat. This is some other random cat who snuck into our house somehow. A cat extraction took place, during which PK was too busy laughing to document the event.

Sadly, this happened the night following a discussion I had in one of my classes about using non-linear thought in problem solving. As I was focused first on the idea that the cat was behind the noises, and second, that the noises could only be coming from the pile of Tupperware in the corner, PK was scanning the whole room for things that looked out of place. Score one point for the engineer for thinking on a higher plane!

Note to self: Maybe you should focus more on actually listening to what happens in classes instead of staring out the window and wondering if you'll have good waves for paddle surfing the next day. You never know when you might actually use this stuff...

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