Saturday, September 6, 2008

kids today(or, good reasons to practice my pranayama techniques)

So PK and I are in the local Asian food market, picking up some nummy treats. "Oh look,"I say, "now they sell melon bars* by the box! K.** would be so excited"

A small boy with messy blond hair and an annoying smirk on his face suddenly appears in the aisle and says to me, with a sneer "yeah, except that's DURIAN fruit***, duh"

Um, WTF?

Now, two things go through my head. One, I know a stinking durian fruit popsicle when I see one, and I was definitely talking about melon bars thank-you-very-much, and TWO, what sort of child runs around Asian markets saying snotty things to strangers anyway? I, however, put my new yoga training to work, took some deep breaths and restrained from making any snarky comments at all. Instead, I fixed him with my "teacher look", grabbed my MELON bars, and calmly walked away. I feel so proud of myself for behaving...

*a frozen treat made from musk melon that will send you into spasms of happiness just from smelling it, not to mention actually eating one...

**my good friend who has recently moved to Nantucket, where, tragically, there are no melon bars.

***Not a melon, durian fruit has a scary spiny exterior, and is supposed to smell like rotting human flesh, but taste like vanilla custard. No thanks, durian popsicle makers...

And what kind of kid knows what the hell a durian fruit is, anyway?

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