Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rephrase and Regurgitate

So, normally I'm a girl who loves school. Love it. That's why I keep going back. Repeatedly. Mostly, I really enjoy being around the kind of academic environment where people are always asking questions about their world, and finding interesting ways to tackle those questions. I usually enjoy my homework, especially when I have to do research papers where I get a chance to explore something that I've always wondered about, or get stimulated to think about something in a new light. But this semester I'm burdened with two (out of four) classes where all the assignments are just regurgitation of facts and theories, things I "need to know", and need to show the profesor that I know. In one of the classes, I even have exams. I haven't taken an exam class since my undergraduate years, back in the stone age. Now, I'm still in the phase of my graduate school years where I only get to ask "how high", and not "why am I jumping", so I suck it up. But tonight I'd much rather be tackling the interesting questions in life instead of just rewriting my textbooks. Bleah.

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