Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dipping into the Creativity Pool

This journey of exploration is starting as a response to the pervasive feeling that PK and I are not living up to our potential as creative beings. We have spent hours thinking about this, talking about the idea that we are living a life too controlled by outside chaos, too much by the idea that we need to be here at x time and have to complete these 12 things before night falls, then night falls and the darkness and the cold and all we want to do is fall in bed and sleep, only to wake the next day and do it all over again, without time to play instruments, paint, draw and otherwise think about things in a creative way. There is always something to clean and organize, someplace we have to be, sometime to be spent on something more pressing. We are trying to answer these questions: How can we live lives full of creativity, driven by a desire to build the world around us into something better, deeper and more distinct, rather than follow along like sheep, only to die like sheep in the end, with nothing remaining to mark our passage along the path of life? How can we learn to exist more in the now than in the might-have-been? This blog will chart our navigation of those sometimes murky waters.

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