Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In love with A Personal Moon

I saw this photo of a light sculpture by Russian artists Leonid Tishkiv and Boris Bendikov over at one of my favorite blogs, "In the Labyrinth" by writer Midori Snyder http://www.msnyder.typepad.com/. I'm not usually drawn to sculpture or light installations, though something about these pieces connects with me and makes me think of growing up in the country, and those cold winter nights when I would have to go outside late in the evening to get wood for the woodstove. The woods around my home were so silent and cold, and the icy moon in the night sky seemed so close I hoped I could reach out and touch it. I love the magical qualities of their work. More of their pieces can be found here: http://kak.ru/columns/masterclass/a884/ , though sadly I don't speak enough Russian to understand the commentary about their process.

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